2nd & Final Gas Tank Test

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Wings

Several weeks ago I install all the tank fittings and tested each tank and and all fittings. I tested the bottom fittings for roughly thirty hours and the upper fittings for probably 48 hours. Although I had no leaks and was satisfied with each test, as I got closer to installing the tanks in the wings and locking everything into place, I became more and more concerned that I did not test the lower fittings for the full 48 hours as the manual recommended. As a result, I decided to do another test.

Beginning Sunday (4/7/19) at noon, I installed the main gas hose, closed or the lower fuel sight gauge, and filled the tanks with 5 gallons of water. Yesterday evening at 6pm (4/9/19), I emptied the water – NO LEAKS FOR 54 HOURS!

Although I’m happy with the test outcome, I’m more satisfied that I took the additional time to eliminate the worrying associated with not testing. I can’t imaging the amount of work required to resolve a bad gas fitting after the wing is complete.

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