A Common Man, But an Amazing Story!

When I was growing up, my dad struggled with alcoholism.  He was home almost every night but rarely present. His emotional absence left deep scars. In response,  I too became involved in destructive behavior, turning to alcohol and drugs when I was only thirteen years old.  Coming soon: Expanding the plan!

After my father died in 1988, my journey to become a true Man of God began.  Although I accepted Jesus as my Savior twelve years earlier, I lacked maturity and the guidance of a father.

Fast forward to 2004. I had come a long way in dealing with my childhood issues and building a loving home for Ellen and our two sons. During this time, a book called “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge had a profound impact on my spiritual growth. His understanding of a man’s heart stirred something deep within me. This inspired me to plan a cycling adventure for my oldest son Kris, from Banff to Jasper in Alberta, Canada. Two years later my younger son, Nick, and I embarked on a similar adventure in Montana. These events sparked my passion to help men understand and grow from their own experiences.
Then in May of 2009, I began meeting my oldest son for a weekly bible study shortly after he graduated from college. My younger son joined us in 2011 when he graduated. As the years passed my desire to help other men grew stronger.
Today, roughly twelve years later, our Bible study is thriving and includes other men as well. Throughout these years, my faith in Christ has grown in so many ways. My employment with a large technology provider has also come to an end. So, I am now able to invest the time needed to focus on this passion.
Stay tuned for an upcoming offering that will enable men to share their stories.
Common Man – Amazing Story!


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