AP Servo Mount Brackets

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Rans S20 Avionics, Rans S20 Build

Like every other project in building this aircraft, I have never tried to cut aluminum with any degree of accuracy. Maybe in the past, I might have grabbed a piece of aluminum or a pipe and used a hacksaw for some simple project but never trying to produce something of quality. I also continually underestimate the amount of time, materials, learning, and patience that is required to do something this complex.

For the Dynon autopilot servo mounts, I used T6061 aluminum at .0050″ thickness. The learning process of accurately cutting aluminum has been difficult. I initially used a Dewalt jigsaw but continually had difficulty with the blade moving laterally, which prevented a straight line. Even with the use of a straight edge, as you would use for a circular saw, I was unable to get an accurate cut. I also use the Dremmel circular saw and had better luck but still had problems getting a straight line, as well as the overall weight of the tool, did not make sense for the detailed cuts I needed to make.

After several days of research, I purchased the Bosch JS572EB jigsaw. Although expensive (roughly $250.00) it has an additional blade guide that reduces the risk of the blade wandering from side to side. Along with a straight edge, the quality of my cuts did improve significantly, but I was still not 100% satisfied. I assumed, however, that even though my cuts were not perfect, I could always use a file to finish the edge. Interestingly, just last night while on my 4th attempt to cut the 2nd bracket, I decided to use the Bosch T118A blade versus the T118G blade and noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my cut. Needless to say, I should have done a bit more research on the blade types earlier. Here is the link to the Bosch blades (https://docs.rs-online.com/48db/0900766b81298a05.pdf).

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