Brake Line Installation

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Rans S20 Fuselage

Today has been a good day. For November 6th in Indiana, you can’t ask for better weather than 58 degrees and a perfectly blue sky. I started working at 9:30am to install the brake lines up the back of the gear legs. With the help of Brian Story several weeks ago, we painted the legs gloss black, using the two-stage paint process (base and clear coat).

Most of the time this morning was used to sand out the back groove so I could get the stainless brake lines from Bonco to connect to the disc brakes from the bottom of the fabric fuselage. I used 320-grit sandpaper and remove just enough paint inside the grove to be able to tap the cables in with a rubber mallet and a wooden block. What’s so cool about this project is the final look of the gloss-black legs with the bright silver of the stainless steel brake lines. Also, all the line fittings that connect the various lines from the wheels up into the fuselage and then to the brakes are bright metallic blue like the blue on the fuselage – very cool!

I also installed all the lines from the peddles to the brake lines. The process was fairly easy – just follow the instructions.

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