The First Step

Build a Strong Foundation for Your Life!

Without Jesus, Purpose Becomes Selfish

Today, men of all ages are struggling with the question of purpose.  Most can’t even clearly identify their unique skills.  It’s no surprise that so many are lost with no plan for success.

Christ offers something unique – a purpose and plan for every man who is willing to follow Him.  But the first step is to accept Him as your Lord and Savior.

A Lifelong Journey

Asking Jesus into your life is easy. But the process of becoming a Man of God is a complete restructuring of your life. One by one your beliefs, values, and behaviors begin to change.

Eric R. Decker | Central Indiana Soaring | Reading A Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Initial Questions to Answer

1. Is Jesus truly the son of God?

Many men struggle with this question, even Christians.  Yet, the evidence is overwhelming and supported not only by accounts from hundreds of people who saw Jesus Christ after His crucifixion but also by the millions of changed lives throughout the past two thousand years.  Read more.

2. Is the Bible Factual or Just Stories?

The authors of the Gospels were present during the lifetime of Jesus, and they wrote their accounts while there were still people around who knew him. Therefore, their stories can be verified, and they have been passed down accurately through the years. Since the authors had no reason to lie and even died rather than change their testimony, we can trust that the Bible is true. In short, the evidence for the reliability of the Gospels is compelling.  Read more.

3. Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?

Considering the tight grip the “Prince of Darkness” has on our world today, it’s easy to see why so many people question the validity of the Bible.  But that’s not new.  Yet, there are many non-biblical accounts that Jesus is the Son of God.  Read More

4. Did Jesus really change the world?

There are so many ways Jesus Christ changed the world for the better.  His life, crucifixion, and resurrection changed every aspect of society.  Read More

5. Is Jesus Alive Today?

In the sense of a man walking the earth, one might say Jesus is not alive.  But how do you explain the feeling in your heart that you’re being pulled toward Him for some reason? If this is your situation, take the time to learn more about Him.  Read More

Build Your Faith in Jesus Christ

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