Rans S20 Wings Articles

Navigation Lights Wiring

This cable had to be routed through one of the side formers from the back tail to the cockpit. It required a small amount of effort to maneuver the cable through the former where the wires were installed to hold the...

Avionics Wing Panel

After a few texts back and forth with Rocky Mountain, I finally figured this out. The panels are now in with the appropriate holes for the rib stitch process.

Preparing Ailerons & Flaps

Preparing the ailerons and flaps was a simple process. However, like almost every other project, preparing to do the work and/or building a jig required the most amount of time. in the picture below, I built a simple...

Rudder Pedal Build

This was a fairly simple project that only required about 2 hours to build. I was working to get a few more items to Indy Powder Coating, which I have yet to complete.
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