Covering – Fuselage Right Side

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

The manual recommended covering the left side of the fuselage first. But for some reason I decided to cover the right. Although the approach was easy to understand (lay out one piece of fabric the length of the fuselage and glue in the proper locations), actually doing it correctly was much more difficult. I also had to purchase 10 more yards of fabric, which was equally difficult as a result of Aircraft Spruce not sending the correct fabric. Almost two weeks passed by the time I received the correct order.

Below are the steps I took to lay the left side:

  1. Determined the appropriate length to cut one piece of fabric by unrolling across the floor.
  2. Applied glue to the appropriate frame locations and let dry so that I could easily move the fabric as needed without causing a mess.
  3. Draped the fabric across the right side of the frame and clamped the fabric to the frame at the tail and forward locations.
  4. Cut fabric around the frame leaving 6 inches in excess in all locations in order to make sure I could recover from any mistakes in measuring without starting over.
  5. Using the hand Iron, tacked the fabric to the frame.
  6. Once I had the fabric in the best location all around the frame, I began to measure and cut to the proper length for the fabric to wrap around the frame tubes in all locations and then ironed the fabric in all locations on the tube.
  7. I then applied glue to the outside of the fabric to the frame and removed excess glue for a clean finish.
  8. Once the glue was dried, I ironed the fabric at 250 degrees for my initial shrink.

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