Horizontal Stabilizers – Covering

by | Nov 25, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

Covering the horizontal stabilizers was my first attempt at fabric work. Although I have watched a number of youtube videos and attended an EAA training class last year on fabric, this was the first time solo. Getting the first side of fabric on the first stabilizer was challenging but not overly difficult. It was more about how to hold the stabilizer properly, making sure which side to cover first, how much glue to use, what to glue and what not to glue, and related challenges. Considering a challenging work schedule and many other issues going on at home/life, the first side required about a week of watching videos and talking with other men who have been down this path before. Once I complete one side with only one ironing complete, I went looking for advice from two friends. With their approval I came back and completed the other side.

For the horizontal stabilizers and wings, a Lexan strip needs to be applied over the ribs before the fabric is riveted to the rib. This is done by using a soldering tool to poke a how through the fabric and lexan. After the first rib was complete, I was feeling pretty good about my success and did not pay close enough attention on the next rib. As you can see below, when I place the soldering tool on one of the holes, I slipped and hit the fabric, which quickly burned a 3/8″ hole thru the fabric. After an hour of research and discussion with others, I decided to patch the hole and not replace. Luckily, even after the patch is installed, the hole and patch will be under the 2″ fabric tape. All is good…

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