Left Wing – Covering

by | Dec 16, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

I began applying glue on Friday evening and finally completed the initial ironing of the top surface on Sunday evening. Thankfully, I spent the time learning (attempting to learn…) the fabric process on the smaller items before taking on a wing. And while the process was similar and I had practiced everything I needed to do the wing beforehand, the process was still difficult because of the size of wing, all the required cuts, curved areas, and the amount of gluing required. On each spar, the gluing required, as well as ironing the fabric to the spar was time consuming. The rounded corners on the wing required a lot of time and the results (where you can’t see) are not that good for the top fabric. However, the outside of the corners are much better. The rounded corners on the bottom fabric were much better as a result of spending almost an hour on each. I also learned to not only focus on shrinking the fabric at the turn itself but on all the excess fabric. As I shrunk that, there was less fabric at the turn to deal with.

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