Drilling Holes in the Gas Tank

by | Mar 17, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Wings

Just like other building adventures, properly setting the gas tanks in place required a lot more time that what I had anticipated – roughly 8 hours. Below are the sequence of events:

  • Drilled the initial holes in the bottom of each tank per the Rans Text Manual. In all but one case the holes were drilled in the correct locations. Only one was slightly off from the planned location.
  • With the tanks in place, I pulled the tank support arm into its proper location and drilled the u-bracket holes and riveted to hold the support arm in place.
  • In order to identify the appropriate location of where to drill the 3 inch hole in the top of each tank the upper and lower Root Skins and Leading Edge Wrap needs to be in their locations. As shown in the pictures below, this required each skin (two upper and two lower) to be assembled properly, which included the appropriate rivet holes to be dimpled, the Root Skin Stiffeners to be dimpled, and then riveted to the root skins.

With the root skins built, it was time to assemble the structure around the tanks and to line everything up to cut the openings in the top of the tanks for the gas caps. Below are the events that followed:

  • The skins were then mounted to ribs #1 & #2. Additionally, the Leading Edge Tip Wraps needed to be assembled by inserting clecos into the Leading Edge Tip Wrap and the Leading Edge Tip Stiffeners.
  • After a little bit of work, I was able to get everything properly aligned on both wings.
  • According to the manual, I then used a marker to identify the center location of the tank opening by using the rivet holes on the upper root skin. I have covered the top of the tank in masking tape in order to properly locate and draw the mark.
  • I then build the drill jig per the manual and mounted the jig over the tape and through the top of the tank with two screws.
  • With the drill jig in place I first drilled the Left-Wing tank and then disassembled the tank parts and did the same on the right tank. See below:

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