Final Painting of Rudder on the RansS20

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Painting

Rans S20 – Repainting the Rudder

Overall, the priming of the entire aircraft was a relatively straightforward process for me, especially considering that I have never painted anything this large and with the level of detail required.  As I looked at all the pieces I primed, the rudder looked like any other part.  The prime looked very good once all the sanding was complete.  However, something was wrong when Brian Story painted the main coat of paint.  Even after the 2nd coat, problems still existed.  Ultimately, he decided to sand it down and start again.  

Even with the help of a professional, problems can occur. Two attempts were required to get a successful paint job on the rudder. Brian Story and I invested two weekends to get this done. The first attempt produced a bit of a mess, which appears to be the result of poor prep work on my part. When looking at the primed rudder, it appeared to be well-sanded and ready. But after the three colors were painted on, the problems began to surface.


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