Firewall Prep – General Approach

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 FWF, Rans S20 Learning

The process of identifying the correct (or best) location for each of the components that will be installed on the firewall (on the engine side) has been a good learning experience. As with every other project, it has forced me to step back and carefully think through the process, look at multiple options, and test each before making a cut or drilling a hole. In this case, the lack of specific installation procedures by Rans for this particular model of the Rotax engine (912is) has required that I dig much deeper into every aspect of the build to ensure that I thoroughly (if possible) understand each sub-project before I begin. Although this can be frustrating when I want to simply complete a task and move on, the learning experience has been very good and I believe this was part of God’s calling for me to step into such a complex project in the first place.

The Rotax training at Lockwood Aviation was very helpful to develop a general understanding of the 912uls and the 912is engines. Additionally, I’ve also done a lot of research on the web to see how other builders have approached the Firewall layout, as well as going through manuals from Rans, Rotax, Dynon, and FAA A&P manuals.

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