Firewall Prep – Fusebox

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Rans S20 Build

The Rotax 912is fusebox is a relatively large item inside the engine compartment (Width: 9″, Height: 5.5″, Depth: 4.5″). As I dig through the web for data and/or pictures I’ve seen the fusebox installed in several different locations including the top center of the firewall, installed across the top of the engine mount, which sits above the engine and is mounted via fabricated mounts on both top bars of the engine mount. The third option is to install in a vertical orientation on the side of the engine mount. Below are a few pictures that show these different options:

After trying out different locations, I ultimately decided to install the Fuse Box in the top-center position of the FW. It seems to be the best approach.

The next challenge was to determine the method of installation. I have seen several where the item is mounted to the firewall (in this case the Fusebox) were attached with simply an AN-type nut, bolt, and a lock washer. However, since I am installing a firewall blanket on the cockpit side of the firewall, I won’t be able to get access to both sides. I decided to use stainless steel rivet-nuts (rivnuts) that will ultimately serve as a pre-attached nut that is attached to the cockpit side of the firewall. Below are several pictures of this install:

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