Gas Tank Caps

by | Apr 6, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Wings

As in other projects, there were a number of unique aspects to building/assembling these components. Below is the process:

  • Drilled #11 holes in the gas cap fitting. This required aligning the retainer ring on the underside of the gas inlet and then clamping these together. Once properly aligned, I drilled each hole and then inserted a cleco to hold.
  • The next step was to secure the scupper and the scupper retainer ring on the underside of the upper root skin. Using 3m 77 spray adhesive and laying paper around the hole of the upper root skin, I easily sprayed the adhesive around the exposed metal on the upper root skin and then laid the scupper and ring on. Afterwards cleco’d to the upper root skin.
  • I then used the gas inlet to drill out the holes on the gas tank.
  • Drilling the enlarged hole for the vent tube into the gas inlet and retainer required some additional work. I debated on using the hand drill vs a drill press. After discussing the process with several builder friends and even a close attempt at using the drill press with a step drill bit, I decide to not use the drill press – very good decision. I returned home and used my hand drill with the step drill bit – worked very well.
  • Finally, I used the large counter sink to create the bevel for the screws on the gas inlet.

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