Learning Paint Safety

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Painting

Over the past several months I have spent a reasonable amount of time in an effort to clearly understand the risks associated with spraying polyurethane paints and primers. This is actually something that I have been nervous about even prior to purchasing the kit. At one time I was seriously looking at the Oratex fabric covering system so that I could completely skip the painting process. However, after a lot of research, which included multiple conversations with people who had used Oratex, as well as, people who painted with polyurethane paints, I finally decided to move forward with polyurethane. And while there are definitely more risks, I felt that with the appropriate amount of effort I could figure out the components needed to mitigate those risks.

I looked at three different types of breathing systems. The Hobby-Air system is a complete fresh air breather system that will pump in cool air from another room or outside. I was initially sold on this product but after a number of conversations, I became concerned with its usability. The paint booth is located in an old church in Noblesville, Indiana, and is situated close to several homes. I did not want the loud noise from the air-supply engine to bother neighbors, so I ruled this product out. Secondly, I looked at the PAPR (Powered-Air Purifying Respirator). I really liked the concept of this device but the cost seemed excessive. Lastly, I looked at the standard 3M Full-face respirator with the 3M 60921 Pink cartridges. After many conversations with people who paint autos professionally, I decided to purchase the 3M respirator and cartridges. The full facemask costs roughly $175.00 and the cartridges typically cost $25-$30 for a pair.

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