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by | Nov 2, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

The wings have basically been ready to cover since early June. But I decided to get the fuselage ready, which included the formers, seat rails, antenna mounts, floorboard fit up, and main wheel strut fit-up. I also built a number of other parts such as the wing struts, seats, and wheel assemblies. That effort took most of the summer.

Getting ready to cover the wings and fuselage with fabric has created some concerns about my overall ability to build an airplane. Although I’m looking forward to the experience, I have become nervous about the potential mistakes I made prior to covering and the impact of trying to correct afterwards. As a result, I enlisted the help of Rocky Mountain Kitplanes to do a walk-through using Face-Time just to get input from someone with actual experience in building the S20.

Before I could do the walk-through with Greg at RMK, I needed make sure I had completed all of the pre-covering tasks that are listed in section eight of the Rans builder manual.

With all the tasks completed, my conversation (Face-Time) was fairly straight forward. Below are the comments/suggestions that he made regarding my state-of-readiness to cover:

  • Extend the wire used for the trim-tab servo to 4′ in order to provide adequate wiring to reach the servo.
  • Make sure to file down all the rivet stems to prevent tears from occurring in the fabric.
  • Loosen the plastic ties around the Telflex cable for the flaps because that cable only has a life span of about ten years, which means you will need to be able to pull the cable out and replace.
  • Push the Telflex further into the wing for covering.

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