Rans-S20: Coolant System Hoses Installation

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 FWF

This post covers the design, research, product selection, and installation of the hoses and related components for the Rotax 912is coolant systems.

Step #1: Design

Since I purchased the Rotax 912is versus the 912ULS, I could not purchase the standard Firewall Forward kit from Rans because of the different types and locations of the parts that accompanied with 912is.  The design required research, approximately two months, and conversations with others to determine the best approach.  I was surprised to learn how difficult it would be to find the correct hoses to make this work.  The location of the radiator is relatively close to the back end of the engine, which required some creativity to make the inbound and outbound hoses fit properly and without using too many different pieces to make the necessary connections. Additionally, I needed to use a “T” fitting to connect both the inbound and outbound main hoses to the inbound and outbound hoses to the radiant heater configuration.

Before beginning my research for the correct products, I used some cheap coolant hoses to build a “fit-up” of each of the main hoses.  This process has proved to be very helpful on other projects.  Building a simplified version significantly reduces the risk of making mistakes with the final product pieces.

Step #2 – Product Selection

Several weeks were required to find all the parts necessary.  I hoped to purchase as much as possible from Amazon to keep shipping costs minimal.  I succeeded in a few cases but not all.  I also looked on one supplier from the UK but taxes and shipping more than doubled the cost of every item.  I ultimately purchased the following products:

  • Inbound hoses and clamps from the radiator to the engine from HPS Performance Supply hose supply
  • Outbound hoses and clamps from the engine to the radiator from Hiwowsport

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