Painting – The Learning Process

by | Apr 11, 2021 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Painting

The process of learning to prime (and paint) has been difficult on many fronts. When I was researching the idea of purchasing and building a kit, this topic created the greatest concern. Not only from a health-risk standpoint but also the difficulty in finding (or building) a paint booth, developing adequate painting skills, and the sheer logistics of moving the plane back and forth. All of those concerns were valid.

With the help of several EAA chapter 67 members and one individual who owns an old church in Noblesville (now converted to a paint booth), I moved the S20 to the church in late September of 2020. Today, almost seven months later, the plane is primed but back in my garage. In addition to dealing with a medical issue that required surgery last November, my Mother’s dementia journey and ultimate passing definitely impacted my schedule. But the process of learning was also difficult and much slower than I expected. And while I do believe I have adequate skills to learn how to paint, given enough time and practice, I simply don’t have the available time to learn without slowing the project down even further.

With the help and kindness of a local Bodyshop owner (Brian Story), I now have a design and plan to paint. He offered to paint for me and I quickly accepted. Below is a similar rendition of the final design, although the colors will be different:

The Latest Design

What I’m Learning:

Sometimes, my frustration is difficult to handle. I’ve begun to realize more about my personality/character as I progress through the build of this plane. The type of man I want to be and the one that I am, are very different. I see other men, like Brian Story, and I am awed with their craftsmanship – their ability to use their hands and create something beautiful. Yet, it’s important to remember, he has spent the majority of his life developing his craft.

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