Right Wing – Covering

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

My hope/expectation is that the process of covering the 2nd wing will go much faster. That said, I’ve had to be careful to not get so overconfident that I rush thru a particular “2nd” project and create new issues that slow me down.

My goal is to used the learning experiences from the first wing and approach the 2nd wing in a different manner that will ultimately improve the final outcome and reduce time. So far, this is working. For example, instead of applying glue on both rear and front spars, I applied glue just on the rear spar and completely installed and glued the fabric to just that spar. This approach allowed me to get one job completely done before jumping to the front spar.

Another change in my approach in the way I’m covering the wing was to increase the amount of glue for the initial application on the spar and letting the glue dry completely as the first step. When ready to lay the fabric, I then applied another, but lighter, glue application to the spar. This approach creates a stickiness to the glue where the fabric clings tightly to the spar. Then I lightly tack the fabric (not along the edge) to how firmly in place.

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