Fuel Gauge Fitting Install

by | Mar 30, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Wings

Well, as usual, this turned out to be more complex than I expected but is the result of my own mistakes.  On Friday night, thinking I had the sequence order correct from reading the Rans manual, I began riveting the bottom root skin to the right wing.  I only inserted four rivets and decided to hold until I reviewed the material again.  Yesterday morning, my goal was to install the fuel gauge lines in both tanks.  I started with the right tank and quickly realized that I should not have riveted the bottom root skin but, for some stupid reason, I didn’t realize that I could remove the clecos on the back of the root skin and allow the skin to drop down providing enough access to insert the 1/4″ fuel line for the gauge.  So, I decided to remove one of the rivets from the fuel tank restrainer, thinking this would allow me to get better access.  This definitely helped but not enough to make it easy.  Removing the rivet was very difficult and required about 45 minutes and a bunch of tools to get it out.  Luckily, I did not cause any damage to other parts or braces.  Of course, within 10 minutes of removing the rivet, I realized that I didn’t need to, dropped the back end of the bottom root skin down and installed the tube.

Installing the right tank fuel gauge tube was also more difficult than planned.  I left too much length on the tube, which caused a number of challenges and I had to re-cut twice to get it right.  Inserting the metal components into the 1/4″ fuel line was challenging.  Almost three hours to install one fuel gauge line. 

Twenty minutes to install the right wing as a result of not having riveted the bottom root skin in place, no messing with removing a rivet, and correctly measuring the fuel line.

For both wings, I used two black tie wraps to hold the fuel lines close to the compression tubes to keep them clear of sharp screws coming up from the bottom of the root rib. 

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