Selecting a Paint System

by | Nov 17, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fabric

This has been probably the most confusing and difficult decision to make thus far. Rans appears to recommend Superflite for homebuilders but uses a system that was developed by Brian Story here in Noblesville. The Rans- built planes are beautiful. A good friend is using PolyFiber on a Kitfox and very happy with his results. Rocky Mountain Kitplanes uses a combo of different glues and polyurethane paints and has had beautiful results. Several local builders have tried Stewart’s System and have struggled with the paint. Finally, I have talked to several builders who have used Oratex 6000 with great results. Yet the cost is roughly $9,000, which is ridiculous when I know a local builder (Jeff) has used Brian Story’s approach and spent less then $2,000 including a $700 paint gun.

Additionally, I have several environmental factors that are influencing my decision/direction. Considering my desire to stay away from toxic chemicals and limited access to a painting facility, I would probably go with Oratex 6000. Everything could be done in my garage and less time would be required from a painting and moving the airplane around to different locations perspective. The down side – high cost and final quality (or look of the airplane). My second choice would be Stewart’s. This approach would allow me to learn to do fabric work but without the need to take the necessary precautions of the toxic chemicals in the polyurethane paints.

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