Spraying Primer

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Flying, Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Painting

This has been a long journey to get to the stage where I’m ready to paint. With the help of several friends in the Noblesville area, we moved the aircraft to the paint booth back in mid-September. Since then I’ve been priming control surfaces and just last week, I sprayed three coats of primer on each side of the first wing. I’m using Medallion Primer (a PPG Industrial Primer) and so far, I’m very happy with the product. Below is a short video of my progress:

I started by priming the control surfaces. I was struggling to get the process down so that the end result is a well-covered item that would be easy to sand. With the help of several others at the EAA Chapter 67 group, as well as, Brian Story, of Story Collision here in Noblesville, my skill has begun to slowly develop. I was originally struggling with the flow of my gun, the distance of my gun from the item, and not pulling the trigger completely open.

As I’ve stated multiple times on this blog, the learning curve has been steep. I have never used a paint gun before, and of course, did not even know the basics of the gun’s operation. Everything was completely new.

One big area of challenge was preparing for the spraying process and making sure that I thoroughly understood the health risks and then taking the proper steps to mitigate those risks. I spent a reasonable amount of time researching everything about spraying.

Time Spent- Sanding: 28 hours, 30 minutes

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