Installing the Horizontal Stabilizer on the Rans S20

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Fuselage

Preparing for Assembly

Although I’m not completely finished, the project was straightforward. Completing the project involved several sub-projects, all with different levels of complexity.

First, I spent several hours fitting the hinges together. The tolerance for the AN4 bolt to slide through the holes is small. The design of this assembly is impressive. The process is approximately the same as connecting a door to its frame. I then inspected the assembly for any signs of looseness or misalignment.

Second, I Installed the Clevis connectors onto the tie-rods. The threads on the tie-rods are opposite on each end, which made the process more complicated.

Third, the metal tangs that connect the tie-rods to the stabilizers required an 18-degree bend. I used a vice and a metal bar to perform the bend. Once I completed the first tang, I used it as a guide for the remaining tangs. The Rans manual calls for final adjustments after the installation of the elevators.

Finally, with all the various components assembled, I proceeded with the installation. Using a 3-Legged stool to prop up the horizontal stabilizers, I attached the tangs and tie-rods. The entire process required 6.5 hours.

I was also planning to install the elevators before I move to the hangar but there is not enough room in my garage. So the final step will occur next summer. At that time, I will adjust the tension of the tie-rods for proper alignment.

The Learning Experience

Patience is my greatest challenge. That said if I can begin every build session with an attitude of focusing on the experience instead of completing the project quickly, my perspective changes, as well as my attitude.

Other Resources

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