Upper Root Skin Alignment

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Rans S20 Build, Rans S20 Wings

This section describes the process of aligning the upper root skins and centering over the gas tank inlet opening. This required the Tip Rib Wrap, the Leading Edge Wrap, and then the upper and lower root skins to be cleco’d into place for proper alignment. Of course, this took a lot of time to set up properly. Once the root skins were in place I drilled the gas inlet holes (in a previous post) and dismantled everything to finalize the the fuel gauge lines (another previous post).

As part of the alignment, I needed to glue a few components together, which included the fuel inlet retainer to the scupper and then the scupper to the bottom of the upper root skin. One area that I’ve been struggling with is the order in which the pieces/parts are supposed to go together. I have personally found the Rans manuals to be unorganized and difficult to follow. As a result, I have reviewed other build postings from Glen Mathis and Steve Shae (thank you both…) for additional input/guidance regarding sequence of events.

Below are a few pictures of gluing the components together with 3M 77 Spray adhesive.

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